Back to our regular programming - I’m in Cincinnati moving my studio.

Back to our regular programming - I’m in Cincinnati moving my studio. 

I’m excited about the new space because it is much larger than my last studio at Pendleton Art Center. Here is a peek at the progress. The larger  space will allow me the opportunity to show my work, share my favorite artists with you and offer workshops, life drawing, mini retreats, open studios, and talks through out the year. If you are interested in getting on the list for these events sign up for my newsletter on my website.
My daughter and fellow creative, Andie Luman and I are adding a fresh design to the floor, making the space uniquely mine.

Let’s talk space. It does not matter how big your “studio” is. Everything I suggest here will work just as well for a temporary or mobile “studio” as it will for a designated space. So it does not matter if you have a kitchen table/studio - laundry/studio - studio in a box -  studio in plein air or loft studio. To help you reach flow organize your space. 
Love your space aesthetically - make it uniquely yours, we are all wired different. Some of us love to be surrounded by our inspiration and love the piles and stacks of raw materials we create with to be in our eyes reach. Others like a “clean slate” that allows the imagination room to work. I fall some where in between. You can Pin up photos, and “treasures” that call your creative spirit. If your a mobile or temporary studio, tuck those special items in your box or easel so they are there when you go to find flow. 
Own your space - Let people know this is where you create/show/escape and make them respect it. Treat it like the sacred place it is - this is where creation happens. - own it and expect others to treat it with respect. Again if your mobile or temporary let them know once the easel is out or the table is covered the space is now yours and respect is expected. Give your self set hours, it really makes you accountable, and tell people “I will be in my studio or working in my studio from such and such time to such and such time.” 
plan your zones - Think about how you work and set up your space to be efficient and inspirational. I like to have a lot of natural light so all my working areas face toward the windows. This keeps me happy and working longer. I also set my space up so I am not taking extra steps for repeated actions and so I am not running across the space with dripping paint. Really take time and visualize a working space that works! It takes a little trial and error to find the most efficient set up so be open to moving things around for the task at hand. My space is very flexible so I can work in the space one day and then make it into a gallery space the next. Look for more organization tips in up coming posts.


On the Final Friday and the Saturday after the Final Friday all the artists in The Pendleton Art Center open up their studios to share their work. Meeting the artists and seeing their studios is such a fun night out. It is a great time to purchase art. Final Fridays are from 6-10pm. There is valet parking and most artists set out snacks and such to greet their guests. Most people start on the top floor but I would suggest starting in the middle (like on the 4th floor- where I am) because it will be less crowded. Making it through all 8 floors and the annex buildings is quite an undertaking so if your from the area come often and plan on hitting 3 or 4 floors of studios during each visit. If your from out of town I would make your way up from the 4th floor until your too tired then ride the elevator down. Art in Action happens on Second Look Saturdays (the Saturday after Final Friday) from 11am to 3 pm. Art in Action is a free monthly event at The Pendleton Art Center. Artists offer lectures, live demos and FREE interactive classes. Of course you can chat with the artists and purchase work too. 
Final Friday dates - 6/28, 7/26, 8/30
Art in Action Second Look Saturdays - 6/29, 7/27,8/31


ok let’s see your “studio” send me a photo and I will post it - I never tire of peeking into other creatives studios. I would love to hear your tips on keeping organized too. I want to invite everyone to my new studio and please let me know what types of workshops, retreats & talks you want to see me have in the space.