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Dec 4, 2016

Easy Like a Sunday Morning



It is Sunday morning. I am sitting at the Market, in Denver CO. My favorite spot…..maybe in the world. It always has a buzz to it. peoples voices, music, the whirling fans from the kitchen, trays and chairs clanging. Yet, it is warm and cozy, home away from home. I know I can nurse my chai, sketch, read or research on my computer all day long and I will not be asked to leave. It is where I can be alone in a crowd- a sensation - I have always found fascinating. Being alone in a crowd is alienating and inclusive, I am included and on the outside. I am an artist, I am an observer. 

As an observer I examine myworld, my culture, looking for how lines, color shape, perspective make up the buzz. It is not enough to absorb only visual references, I must also tune into emotions and feelings, relationships of people and objects.  As the observer I am looking for ways to visually represent the space I am in or I am looking for visual collateral to be used in an abstract, or unfinished piece of art.  I start as the observer - then I create - then you become the observer of what I create.


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