Dancing in the Rain ©2017 Pattie Byron 

My mission is to Empower through art! This public art piece titled, Dancing in the Rain

encourages community by providing an interactive gathering space. My proposal for Dancing in

the Rain includes an oversized aluminum fabricated umbrella that has hidden motion activated

lights. As people approach the art piece the motion sensors will trigger the lights. The light

display will increase as more activity takes place! The lights will be high powered LED colored

lights that will enhance the sculpture during the day as well as night.

This would be a perfect place for a dance party because the strategically placed, highly

sensitive motion detectors will trigger movement - the more movement the better the light show.

In rainy Cincinnati, Dancing in the Rain reminds us that with a great attitude even a stormy day

can be a party!

I will create an intricate parasol design on the umbrella using perforated and cut metal so that

the shadows from the parasol fall on the viewer and ground surrounding the sculpture.

I fabricate in my local shop in Mason, OH and have experience in outdoor public art. I will be

working with a lighting engineer to achieve the desired effect with the lighting. The sculpture will

be non permanent and be available for future installations.

Your Voice is a Superstar ©2017 Pattie Byron

Your Voice is a Superstar ©2017 Pattie Byron

Your Voice is a Superstar sculpture celebrates the collective voice of communities by rewarding

the voices of the viewers with a surprise light show. Triggered by sound the light show increases

with the level of noise. The metal cylinders are perforated with hundreds of stars and the LED

lights are intense enough to be enjoyed day or night. An added bonus will be the star shaped

shadows cased from the cut outs. The metal cylinders will be painted in a temperature sensitive

paint so that as the outside temperature fluctuates so will the color of the cylinder. When the

sculpture is not activated it will still cast some “star shadows” and the cylinders will be

aesthetically pleasing. I would like to propose 3 tubes. 8ft with 3 ft diameter/10ft with 3.5 ft diameter /12ft. 4 ft diameter. The tubes will  be spaced apart so people can move between them I am willing to adjust to fit a specific space.